Durkin – “How I Like It”

Durkin – “How I Like It”

By: Seamus Fay

The warm weather is approaching and with that, it only makes sense that Durkin is here to bless us with brand new heat to soundtrack the coming spring and summer months. Today, he hits our pages with “How I Like It” –  a brand new remix of Drake’s hit song “God’s Plan”. This may be a bold venture to take on at face value considering how good the original song is, but in all honesty, I believe that Durkin did his magic as always and really made sure that he breathed new life into the song’s energy.

Between nifty cuts as well as a clear knack for fitting the percussion to the sample perfectly, this fresh take on the hit is a perfect way to get into the mood of the season. It’s a perfect remix to play at any upcoming functions you may have, and with this, we see the marriage between Durkin’s two sides as a producer and DJ on this one. He clearly understands how to garner both attention and energy easily, with “How I Like It” as the prime example.

Give it a listen below and check out more from the Boston talent by checking out his SoundCloud here!

Pistola Hits One Million Views On “P.I.S.T.O.L.A.”

Pistola Hits One Million Views On “P.I.S.T.O.L.A.”

By: Seamus Fay

From the moment I first heard Pistola’s music, I knew he was destined for greatness. The Boston native’s effortless charisma and signature, laid-back vocals never fail to make for an anthemic offering, and it comes as no surprise that Stola and his eclectic artistry are ready for a full takeover in 2018. That being said, the fire has officially caught on as his ELEVATOR-premiered single, “P.I.S.T.O.L.A.”, just reached a well-deserved one million views on YouTube.

This is certainly no small feat, and as for the future of Boston, it looks like Pistola will continue to represent his city as he launches into inevitable stardom with his forthcoming releases and debut mixtape. The stocks are rising, the game is catching on, and this inimitable talent is becoming the burgeoning force that his city has seen him to be since the beginning – and deservedly so. Big ups to Stoop Kid and Xandros for bringing this one full circle, as well!

Run up the numbers a little more and watch “P.I.S.T.O.L.A.” at the link below. You know, for good measure.

Weekly Discovery: Jazz Ingram

Weekly Discovery: Jazz Ingram

By: Seamus Fay

Authenticity is a trait that can never go understated in music. It becomes apparent in lyrics, sound, image, etc., and when an artist is truly authentic and genuine to themselves, the listeners can tell. One of the most authentic artists I’ve heard in all of 2018 so far has been Jazz Ingram – an Atlanta native who holds this trait among all other things and an artist who, with an ample supply of both talent and work ethic, could just be the next big thing out of his city.

Ingram lives in his own world of limitless creativity, and naturally, we here at Graduation Music had to take the opportunity to speak to him about his upbringing, Atlanta, a record entitled FORREST., and more. Read our conversation below.

To start off, where are you originally from? What was your childhood like?

I was born in Rochester, New York, but I moved down to Atlanta before I was 2. I had a dope childhood, pretty middle class. I got bullied but like, who doesn’t? I was really small until junior year (like 5’1, 90 lbs). My mom is a reverend, so I was in church a lot.

I had a lot of impossible-seeming things happen to me while I was growing up like when I was at Six Flags and the Plain White T’s pulled me on stage – I was like 7. I didn’t get in much trouble, but I talked a lot. Hopefully that makes sense.

At what age did you start making music and what led you to do so?

Around 11. Michael Jackson, Kid Cudi, Kanye West, and Justin Timberlake led me to make music. I used to take my sister’s iPod Classic and the list above is what I took a liking to (minus Michael Jackson – I always knew about Michael Jackson).

What are the top three most influential albums for you as an artist?

Honestly, not an album guy. But like Future Memoirs by Allan Kingdom really hit me. Prince’s aesthetic pushed me forward in making music, too. Fuck it, imma make a list

808s and Heartbreak // Mr. West

Man on the Moon // Cudi

Future Sex Love Sounds // The man who ruined Janet Jackson

Explain the title of your most recent offering, a record entitled, FORREST.

The main part of the title, “FORREST”, is my grandfather’s middle name. Feb. 5 was his 75th birthday, so it was a dedication to my grandfather. I added the “a record entitled” because I think because music is almost losing its physical aspect (streaming, digital vs. analog) so I had to tell people that this is more than just a collection of songs. When I think of a finished work, I picture a record (vinyl) in my mind.

Describe Atlanta in five words.

Eclectic, Spontaneous, Black, Traffic, and did I mention Black? 🙂

What is your creative process like when making a song or a project? Where do you find inspiration from and in general, how does everything come together?

I push myself to create every day across several mediums. Just to keep my head in a creative space.

I like to make songs early in the morning (I record myself in my room), typically right after I eat a chicken biscuit from either Chick-Fil-A or Bojangles. I don’t really write melodies – most of my recent hooks have been freestyled, so I’ll loop the track and just sing literally whatever comes to mind for half an hour or so. Depending on how I’m feeling, I’ll either write the track on paper or my iPhone. The best places to write are my car, my room, this park around the corner, or the toilet.

I find inspiration from documentaries, interviews, and long conversations w/ Ian (Women). Recently I’ve been working with Kobe (yourfriendkami) ALL the time, so things happen pretty quickly and organically, to say the least. We made a record entitled, FORREST. in about a month.

You can only watch one cartoon for the rest of your life. What cartoon are you choosing and why?

The Amazing World of Gumball goes dummy, no cap. But I don’t watch TV any longer ***!waste of time!***

What are your main goals as an artist? Where do you want to be in 5 years?

Make what I like, honestly – something around there.

I don’t think that far ahead, but New Zealand is pretty. And hopefully, I have a BMW M3.

Lastly, what can fans expect from Jazz Ingram in the near future?

Content. But this summer I’m focusing my attention on r0cworld.

Connect with Jazz Ingram on:






By: Shamus Hill 

Here to present you with the fourth episode of Graduation Music Radio today are none other than your hosts, Shamus Hill and Shlomo Bowe. Featuring talents from Boston and beyond, GRADUATION MUSIC RADIO sets out to shine a light on some of our area’s most talented individuals. Be on the lookout for a new episode every other Monday!



Maverick ft. Michael Christmas – “Galaga” (Prod. Twaynethekidd)

Maka – “Throwback” 

Connor Donovan – “Spent” (Prod. Connis)

MEECH – “Sometimes Pain Can Be A Drug Too Pt. II” (Prod. Tone Beats) 

Kayce ft. MyCompiledThoughts – “Sleep” (Prod. Arthur Maressa/Anthony Malary)

Bouve – “You” (Prod. SonoBeats)

StupidGenius – “Legacy” (Prod. POUNDA)

XNDRSOUND – “Cnflctd” (Prod. Humbeats)

Skaa – “About It” (Prod. Young Taylor x Jura Kez)

Maeko ft. BLAKE – “Amber” (Prod. BLAKE) 

Tai Chi – “PROBLEMZ” 

iLL Addicts – “Rich Together” (Prod. ProSwervez) 

Artem Bell – “2 Counties” (Prod. Thornbed) 

86 (Dirty Dan) – “Threat Level Tiger” 

Kleo – “Bands” 

Briefcvse – “Pockets” (Prod. briefbeets)

Major Baby – “Chips N Dip” (Prod. Slight)

Superior – “NO HESITATION” (Prod. Slick) 

Mizzie CA$H – “Splash” (Prod. NonBruh)

Keanyon – “Gundam” (Prod. IKnowShellz) 

NABI – “Glover” (Prod. SUBJXCT 5)

Donald Grunge – “Tyler Jeans” (Prod. Elz) 

Reek Money – “Smoking Kills” (Prod. Grovesidework)


PuddaH – “Clouty” (Prod. Cor Blanco)

Bernard Jabs – “Polo Robe” (Prod. Mike Hector)

[PREMIERE] Connor Donovan – “Spent”

[PREMIERE] Connor Donovan – “Spent”

By: Seamus Fay

In many cases, a song can be looked at as a preview into an artist’s life or a short clip of the trials and tribulations that we all go through, day to day. With this, when listeners can resonate with and feel the very cause of the song in their heart, an artist is able to achieve a much more impactful goal, invoking the feelings that they experience within their fans and overall, crafting a sense of community with just one three-minute piece of sound. I say this because such is the case with Cambridge artist Connor Donovan’s brand new single, “Spent” that we here at Graduation Music are so proud to present

Donovan has rapidly become a must-listen artist out of the Massachusetts’ scene right now, and in his latest offering, he takes this reputation to new heights. “Spent” fits right in the young artist’s sweet spot both lyrically and sonically, marking itself with a refined artistry far beyond Donovan’s years. He knows how to craft a piece of music that will hit far below the surface, and subsequently so, a song that will resonate with listeners and further the Cambridge artist’s fanbase greatly.

That being said, it’s important to understand that the very purpose of this song is to illustrate the urge that we all feel in pursuit of our dreams. Unfulfillment can set in at times, and in these very instances of the chase it takes to get to the top, we all learn something about ourselves. This theme strikes as hard as ever, giving any and all fans a great reason to listen.

All in all, “Spent” is an incredible single for all of our readers to check out and get hip to Connor Donovan, so be sure to click play below and stay updated by following the Cambridge native on Twitter here!

[PREMIERE] Marvelous Stefan – “On My Side” ft. Saint Lyor (Prod. Isaiah Valmont)

[PREMIERE] Marvelous Stefan – “On My Side” ft. Saint Lyor (Prod. Isaiah Valmont)

By: Seamus Fay

It comes as no surprise that Brockton is a hotbed of talent right now, filled to the brim with a number of standout acts that will undoubtedly be taking their careers to new heights as 2018 moves on. Among these artists are Marvelous Stefan, Saint Lyor, and Isaiah Valmont – three Graduation Music frequent flyers and inarguably three of Brockton’s finest talents out at the moment. Hearing them come together on a track would be nothing less than a privilege, and today, they’re here to bring that dream to life with a new single entitled “On My Side”, premiering via the Graduation Music SoundCloud.

Right off of the bat, this song proclaims both pace and energy, as Lyor and Stefan bounce off of another’s flows, going back and forth between smooth vocals and quick shipments of rap. By creating this stark contrast early on, the two are able to compliment Valmont’s hypnotic production and the burgeoning force of the drums – two elements that define the very essence of “On My Side” at its finest. With all of these features perfected to a common point of chemistry, it’s important to note that the lyrical content of the song decides who’s on Stefan and Lyor’s side, who’s pocket watching, and everything in between. They’re here to claim the top spots in MA rap, and no one is about to get in their way.

Listen to “On My Side” at the link below:

An Interview With Twayne The Kidd

An Interview With Twayne The Kidd

By: Seamus Fay

You may know him from one of his famed KIDD.FM exclusives, you may know him from one of his two placements on Big Leano’s latest project, Packula, or you may just know him from his widely-respected stature within Boston’s budding community of talent. Regardless of how you heard the name Twayne The Kidd, however, there’s no denying that he’s getting ready to take things to the next level in 2018. Between a relentless balance of work ethic and natural talent, the opportunities are sure to present themselves in a short matter of time, and deservedly so.

We here at Graduation Music have been keeping track of Twayne The Kidd for almost a year now, and considering the abundance of potential that he holds, it only made sense for us to get him on the site for an interview. That being said, we spoke to him recently about topics ranging from his upbringing to making a movie soundtrack, and everything in between.

You can read the interview below.

Where did grow up? What was your childhood like?

I grew up in New London, a small town in Southeastern Connecticut. I lived there until 7th grade then I transferred schools to live with my dad in Groton.

When did you first connect with music and what artists inspired you early on?

I have always been a creative since I was 8 years old. I had an IBM Thinkpad from my grandma and I used to record my raps through Windows Sound Recorder. I was heavily influenced by The Low End Theory album from ATCQ, it was all that I would listen to on my PSP. I started making more raps in 8th grade and started releasing music under the name “Amusers.” I found Fruity Loops Studio 9 on YouTube one day and I downloaded a demo and tried it out. I learned how to sample and it was a wrap after that! I’ve been using FL Studio ever since.

Top 3 producers of all time?

Kanye West, Pharrell, CardoGotWings.

Where do you look to for inspiration when making beats?

I try to play video games from my childhood like SSX 3 or Sonic Heroes to feel nostalgia. I do this to capture that feeling people are familiar with, but I try to add a modern touch to it. Primarily the reason why I use the Capcom jingle in most of my beats.

If you could go back and create your own soundtrack for one movie, what movie would it be and why?

Above The Rim! I feel like a Twayne The Kidd soundtrack would sound crazy on it because I would make a killer theme song for Bishop.

What is your DAW of choice and why?

FL Studio 12. The step sequencer is easy and quick to get my ideas down.

When/how did you meet Big Leano and how did your two placements on Packula come together?

3A.M. I tagged Tee-WaTT on one of my beats I posted on Twitter. He followed me and then hit me up about working with Big Leano. He gave me his email and then I just sent some beats back and forth. Leano replied back to me each time and then eventually gave me his number. I sent him the beat for “Two” and “Talk Show” over the summer and he hit me back with the records right away.

What is your proudest accomplishment in music so far and why?

Getting linked up with my manager Maine. I’m happy to finally have representation and others who believe in me. I’ve been laughed at and doubted for making music since I started, so I’m happy everyone can see my vision.

Lastly, what can fans expect from Twayne The Kidd in 2018?

Collab project with Big Leano, more KIDD.FM exclusives, and major placements soon!

Connect with Twayne The Kidd on: